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Nov 13, 2011 1:45pm EST
, and he is better known for his work writing i can read books like danny and the dinosaur and sammy the seal. he's a popular author. on the cover there, the artwork is by crockett dawson. >> did you add the sign he's holding? >> no, no, that was in there. he was an art editor. many of the most popular and well-known children's book authors were directly active in radical movements or quite sthettic to them -- sympathetic to them, so john is another example. >> when you look at the examples, particularly the mid-20th century, does it seem -- is it a little bit comical or a little bit naive the way these are set up, is that fair to say about them? >> absolutely. we were trying to include people would actually want to read. there was, you any, the nice thing is we had tons to choose from. even though there's 44 pieces in there, we were able to select it down, but we wanted to also have historical accuracy, and we wanted to include what might seem like totally ridiculous things today because they existed and because it's kind of funny in their naivety. the best example of that is abc fo
Nov 13, 2011 1:00pm PST
singer for van halen. yeah. and they said sammy hager. >> all right, so conan joking about the ninth republican presidential debate on wednesday. so it is hard to believe that last night was the tenth debate of this political season. our wolf blitzer talks about the need for such debates in this week's blitzer's blog. >> it is pretty amazing how significant the republican presidential debates have proven to be this year. they have clearly shaped out attitudes in rather dramatic way. presidential historians may write that this was the year of the debate. there already were so many memorable moments, many that the candidates would almost certainly like to forget. the other night in michigan, for example, may have been the most memorable, most awkward debate moment ever. that was when rick perry had a brain freeze for nearly 60 seconds and forgot the third agency of the u.s. government he would like to eliminate, even though he had routinely cited those three agencies in his campaign stump speech over the years. >> i can't. the third one, i can't. sorry. oops. >> the education, by the w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)